Award winning Fashion show brings all cultures to the cat walk

Reena Augustine – the founder of Red Carpet Functions Multicultural Fashion Show – devoting herself in uniting cultures, raising cultural awareness and celebrating the diversity of Queensland’s many ethnicities.

“Fashion shows only wanted people who were size six and eight and are six feet tall,” Ms Augustine said. “Women from Chinese, Indian and so many other communities are not this build. “I invited
every community you can think of to my show, so nobody is left out.”

This year Ms Augustine staged the second successful Red Carpet Functions Multicultural Fashion Show at City Hall in October, attracting a crowd of more than 470 with 200 models.

“It was a huge success, and we were all impressed by the models’ efforts in preparing and performing at their best, Reena was really making effort in promoting such meaningful event to
unite all diverse background models, designers and us volunteers.” Angel one of the volunteers said.

More details could be searched through this link:…/southeast/award-winning-fashion-show- brings-all- cultures-to-the-catwalk/news- story/7cb4f41326e506ba134d9521f9532490
With more photoshoots of the models please find @RedCarpetFunctions

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