Final Sudirman Cup 2017 Community Ambassadors event in Brisbane

Asian Community leaders from across South East Queensland came together to receive a final briefing on the TOTAL BWF Sudirman Cup 2017 to be held on the Gold Coast from May 21-28, 2017.
The Sudirman Cup is the world’s premier mixed badminton championships and the historic Gold Coast event marks the first time it has been held in Australia.
Over 100 leaders were in attendance at the Queensland Multicultural Centre representing a number of participating teams including China, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Chinese Taipei, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.
Community Ambassadors were inducted and briefed on tournament history, match schedules and ticketing and the special guest on the night was Rosy Tang, a former Olympic bronze medallist for China who also won a Commonwealth Games bronze medal for Australia in mixed doubles.
In an interview Tang said: “One of the happiest moments in my life was winning a Sudirman Cup gold medal.” She added:  “I’m so thrilled that the Sudirman Cup has come to Queensland and that so many enthusiastic leaders are here tonight to support the event.”
The Community Ambassador program is managed by Red Elephant, the Sudirman Cup marketing and communications partner, who sourced them from a number of sectors including community organisations, sport, business and education with the aim of building awareness and engagement outcomes for the event.
Patrick Skene, Executive Director of Red Elephant said: “Events are successful because people get behind them and there was great energy and passion in the room tonight.”
More than 500 million people worldwide are expected to tune in to watch the BWF TOTAL Sudirman Cup 2017 when it is hosted at the Gold Coast Sports and Leisure centre in Carrara from 21-28 May 2017.
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  Taipei: a city of culture, creativity, and continuous growth.

The Republic of China (ROC) National Celebration is the national day of Taiwan, also known as ten-ten as it is held on 10th October every year. Our international press group was invited by President Tsai Ing-wen to attend the ROC National Celebration of 2016, and between the dates of October 9-14,

We had been taken to see all of Taipei’s technological and cultural wonders. A small island spanning 36,000 square kilometers, Taipei is one of the leading developers of transportation, architecture and manufacturing.
We reached Taiwan before dawn, traversing the highways on the outskirts of Taipei, and with the first rays of light we reached the city. We were greeted with the magnificent sight of the Taipei Tower, an introduction to the many architectural marvels of the city. Taipei’s conceptual structures draw inspiration from western, Japanese, and traditional southern styles, creating a unique blend that represents Taiwan’s identity. Visually, Taipei is a mostly grey city, with modern architectural designs attributable to Aboriginal, Asian and Western influences, painting the city with occasional splashes of color.


Another distinctive feature of Taiwan’s culture is their attitude towards food, noticeable in its variety of eateries ranging from cheap market stalls to high end restaurants. Even buffet spreads in hotels consist of culinary displays prepared by master chefs with artistic flair. Portions are small but many; a single meal will contain around 12 courses, with the occasional soups and palate-cleansers. Our group has visited the Raohe Night Market, the lunchrooms at the Sheraton Grande Taipei Hotel, and Silk Palace at the National Palace Museum, and we have feasted on over a hundred dishes, from the plain to the aesthetically pleasing. There is food for the more adventurous- an assortment of noodles served with jellyfish and lacy mushrooms. There are also less overwhelming dishes like western fast foods, and typical Asian meals. The dining experience Taiwan offers is an amalgamation of several cultural palates and is well worth a trip to the country.
Taiwan’s official status as a democracy began in 1996, and has since then promoted freedom of press and religion, separating its beliefs from other Chinese-speaking countries. To be given a full rundown of Taiwan’s latest news, our group was brought to two of Taiwan’s newly created digital agencies: Storm Media (2014) and The News Lens (2013). These agencies boast their unbiased and independent news coverage, compared to traditional Taiwanese newspapers, which are often affiliated with political parties.
The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) along with Tsai Ing-wen, the current President of Taiwan, are working to match domestic regulations with the standards of international organizations like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP). It is believed that this move will benefit Taiwan economically if they can gain membership with the TTP. The United States can be of assistance, as it is Taiwan’s ally and their 9th largest trading partner. However, the strained relationship between Taipei and Beijing may pose an issue, as the US’ main priority is stability within the Taiwan Strait.

Tourism is of great importance as it contributes a third of Taiwan’s GDP (about $16 billion USD), with visitors coming in from neighboring countries, particularly China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea. The previous year has seen a fall in tourists of about 30% in mainland Taiwan. Considering this fact, Taiwan is making attempts to increase the volume of tourism by 15-20%, raising the number of tourists to 15 million in a span of 5 years, as divulged by Eric Lin, Taiwan’s Director of International Affairs, Ministry of Transportation and Communication. New routes have been added from Chicago and Houston, as well as package deals tying trips to Hong Kong with Taiwan, to try to include the country on the minds of visitors to Southeast Asia. Tourists who are citizens of the US, Canada and most European countries do not need visas to enter Taiwan, so restrictions were recently relaxed for citizens of ASEAN (Associations of Southeast Asian Nations).
Being a leader in technology, manufacturing, and performing arts, Taiwan fosters creation and innovation, providing a large platform for all to display their talents: the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, with an impressive size that covers the length of six football fields. It was opened in 1939 as the country’s first modernized tobacco factory, and to provide a cheerful atmosphere for workers living onsite, the facility was designed with large windows, bathhouses, parks and gardens decorated with fountains. These features are now in use to host banquets, fashion shows, film shootings, conference seminars and art exhibitions.
The Taiwan Excellence Pavilion is also a hub for creativity, housing 120 of 523 award-winning products that serve various purposes- technology, sports, creation, leisure and telecommunications. The Gogoro Global Experience Center also promotes Taiwan’s technological prowess, with its aim to facilitate urban density with smart technology. Evidence of their efforts are seen in the Center’s smart scooters, which are fitted with 80 sensors, monitored by a central control system, and deriving power from a battery swap system.
Despite the many meetings we engaged in throughout the course of this visit, our group had made time to appreciate Taiwan’s beauty. A trip to the Palace Museum taught us of the country’s rich history and millennia old cultural artifacts. A climb through a sub-tropical forest led us to the outdoor U-theatre, where the sounds of the performances and nature merged in harmony.
We ventured to the Sun Moon Lake in the mountains of Nantou close to Taiwan’s geographical center, also known as the heart of Taiwan. It is a popular tourist attraction for vacationers and honeymooners, with boat tours circling the lake, gondola rides that carry visitors to the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village in the mountains.
We were brought to the Liberty Square, where we took in the sights of the memorial holding the statue of Chiang Kai-shek in front of us, flagged by the National Theater and Concert Hall on either side.

Our last stop was the Taipei Financial Centre, also called Taipei 101. Taipei 101 is one of the city’s many landmarks, standing as one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world next to Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and other superstructures. With an assembly of luxury shops on the ground floor, and a fast-speed elevator ride to the top to grace visitors with a 360-degree view, the Taipei 101 is a must-see for all. The structure merges Asian traditions with modern technology, and is notable for its eco-friendly construction. Before leaving, we had dinner at Din Tai Fung Dumpling House, considered the best Chinese dumpling restaurant, which is located at the base of Taipei 101. The restaurant grants guests a view of the dumpling making process through a glass partition.
Throughout our visit to Taiwan, we became enriched with the knowledge of the country, its culture and its constant move towards further development. Not only does the country visually stimulate visitors with its beauty, it also inspires many with its constant pursuit for growth and improvement.


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“The Red Carpet Functions hosted a very successful multicultural dinner, in an amazing display of unifying the different cultural groups in Brisbane. Our performances included the musical talents of Prakruthi Mysore Gururaj, the beautiful designs on Amina Bilal Pira and Athan Jon were featured in our fashion parade.”


Reena Augustine #SheInspires

March 8, 2017     Tell us a little bit about yourself – who you are and what you do

“Our founder Reena Augustine has provided her awe-inspiring story, detailing her dedication to achieving a permanent residency here in Australia as well as winning the Community Dedication Award in the 2016 Women Business in Awards in Australia, all in a span of 6 years. Read about her journey, where she started off as an international student from India, to a highly celebrated member of the community today.”

Chosen to be the personality of the month by Namaste Brisbane committee

Media Release

Red Carpet Fashion Show – 23rd October 2016
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Dear friends,

On 23rd October 2016, the Red Carpet Multicultural Fashion Show was held in the magnificent Main Auditorium of the Brisbane City Hall, in the presence of several dignitaries, guests and members of the public from Brisbane and interstate. The key organisers of this year’s Show included Reena Augustine, Walter Choo and Alex Leong. We are proud to report that there were approximately 200 participants, which included upcoming designers, an inclusive range of models, make-up artists, hair stylists and technicians, which all worked together to make the show a true success. As well as being a unique multicultural fashion parade, this year included live performances from an exciting range of talented cultural dancers and music artists. The links below provide photographs and videos of the Show.

Now in the second year running since 2015, the annual Red Carpet Multicultural Fashion Show in Brisbane was originated by the multi-faceted Reena Augustine. Reena has many years of experience in organising events, coordination, photography and has volunteered for a range of multi-cultural organisations across Brisbane and beyond. This Show facilitates the great need for community inclusion and building and celebrates many cultures, each with their own flare and uniqueness.

The 2015 and 2016 Red Carpet Fashion Shows showcased local clothing designers, jewellery makers and collections, utilised make-up artists and hair stylists that ranged from either just starting their career and right up to experienced. Importantly, the Show provides a unique gateway for a mixed range of upcoming models and photographers to practice their skills, showcase their portfolios and gain invaluable real industry experience. Red Carpet provides the leading fashion event of Brisbane and celebrates many cultures, from which we all share, learn and become inspired.

Reena and her supportive team believe that each person has a unique inner beauty and creativeness, which is can be a wonderful thing to share with others. Australia is a great and diverse country and we can strive to belong to one community and share our cultural talents, music styles and fashions. In addition to the annual Shows, Red Carpet has organised and proudly participated in various multicultural events in and around Brisbane and will continue to serve the community. This Show provides important opportunities for everyone in our community to volunteer and gain firsthand experience in working with teams, in fashion, hospitality and performance, plus much more.

We now invite you to contact Red Carpet on the below details to register your interest for the planned 2017 show and to offer suggestions and ideas:

Contact name: Reena Augustine
Mobile: 0401 229 866

Please click on these links for details about Red Carpet:

Explore the Red Carpet Functions Facebook page:

RCF Multicultural Fashion Show: Queensland designers, models on show

October 6, 2016 10:00pm 

Red Carpet Multi-Cultural Show 2016 in Brisbane a Huge Success!

Red Carpet Multicultural Fashion Show