About Us

Red Carpet Functions aspires to celebrate the diversity of Brisbane’s communities and emphasizes on the appreciation of its diverse cultures. Initiated in 2015, RCF provides a unique platform to independent designers, models, performers and artists to showcase their work and talent to the public.

Red Carpet Functions recognizes that fashion is a common denominator among all cultures; therefore our annual Multicultural Fashion Show highlights the traditional attires of the country of origin of our participants. This show aims to eliminate the cultural barriers among diverse groups and inspires our community to further appreciate each other’s differences. We also focus on inclusivity, as everyone deserves a chance to walk on a runway, regardless of experience, age, gender, physical/mental disabilities and cultural backgrounds.

Red Carpet Functions aims to eliminate barriers among diverse groups by celebrating cultural differences through fashion.

Queen Street
4000 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Category: Event planner, community organisation