Multicultural Fashion Show 2019

Red Carpet Gala

Red Carpet Functions is a platform to enhance the amalgamation of diversity and multiculturalism. We organize performances and encourage communities to wear their traditional attires to walk on the red carpet regardless of their gender, age, colour and ethnicities.

Red Carpet is back! And this year’s event is going to be bigger and better with the event being held at St Johns Cathedral in the heart of Brisbane CBD. The fashion show, which celebrates multiculturalism in Brisbane, is thrown every year to celebrate cultural diversity in our local community as well as help bring a spotlight to those in the creative industries.

Our models and staff are all volunteers, sacrificing their time to help celebrate cultural differences within Brisbane and we would love for you to come celebrate with us!

The Multicultural Fashion Show

The Multicultural fashion show aims to bring people from various communities to showcase their talent to a wider audience. The cultural mosaic through this show reflects on our goal to celebrate cultural differences through fashion.

Our models have such a unique talent and are highly skilled aiming to put up a great show every time they come on stage. We believe in giving back to the community that can add value. Our show will add a combination of fashion, colour, music, entertainment and a cultural element to your event.

Welcoming Multi-Cultural Diversity

A range of diversity where all cultures meet up as a fashion parade interacting and sharing some words on the cultural experiences.

Ghagra-Choli- Known as a long skirt. A traditional dress worn by ladies in North-Western part of INDIA as A party wear embroidered with the design

Red Carpet Gala 2019 Models

Red Carpet Gala 2019 Designers

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